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On August 24, 2012 new entry was written in Uniform State Register of juridical persons and individual entrepreneurs concerning state registration of Open Joint Stock Company “Byelorussian steel works – Management Company of “Byelorussian metallurgical company” holding”

The Company is governed by stockholders meeting and by executive bodies (Directorate and General Director).

Full name of the Company according to Articles of the Company is: Open Joint Stock Company “Byelorussian steel works – Management Company of “Byelorussian metallurgical company” holding”. Abbreviated form is: OJSC «BSW — Management Company of «BMC» holding. Postal address: 247210, Gomel Region, Zhlobin, 37, Promyshlennaya str.; fax/tel. 8-02334-5-51-77/8-02334-5-55-20.

OJSC «BSW — Management Company of «BMC» holding together with 13 other enterprises will constitute metallurgical holding. Except plants of PA «Byelorussian Steel Works» holding includes the following open joint stock companies as «Minsk bearing plant», «R&DI Bearing», «BelNIILIT», «Slutsk factory «Emalposuda», «Zhlobin deposit of molding sand» and their private unitary enterprises.

Consolidation of enterprises mentioned above into holding will create incentives for their development. Owing to cooperation between enterprises of the holding concerning centralization of purchasing and sales logistic, cash flow, personnel management it is planned to achieve significant decrease of expenses for organization of production. It is planned to established divisions in holding for various fields of activity. Main divisions will be concentrated of the following trends «Metallurgical production», «Raw materials procurement», «scientific and technical development». Specialization of enterprises inside divisions will give opportunity to ensure raw-materials safety, development and implementation of new advanced technologies, optimization of production at the enterprises included into holding.