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In August 17, 2012 the staff of a mill 150 passed 5 million tons milestone. Such quantity of production has been manufactured for 12 years, since the moment when two lines of mill 320/150 became independent

. The mill 150 began counting of its history in September 15, 2000. In that day, with the participation of the President of our country, there was a start up of the mill, which began to produce necessary for our plant production – wire rod. Before this moment, a small capacity of this production was produced in one of the rolling lines of the mill 320/150; it was not very comfortable and there were significant time losses.

For first 6 years of work, the mill 150 has manufactured 2 million tons of wire rod, and for the following 6 years – 3 million tons! As senior foreman of the mill 150 I.M. Tverdenko says, it became possible because of a modernization which was done in proper time.

In 2007, new “Morgan” block was installed here, and owing to this, the productivity has increased by 25%. The rolling speed has increased from 80 m/s to 105 m/s. Correspondingly, the productivity of the mill has increased from 26 thousands tons per month to 47 thousands tons per month.

Nowadays, the mill 150 produces 568 thousands tons of wire rod per year. No one light section wire mill of the world produces such quantity of wire rod.