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07-06-2012 2938 Views


The steel-smelting shop № 1 of OJSC «BMZ» had reached an inaccessible before level as for the steel melting — 164 075 ton. This record exceeds the previous highest index that was achieved in May 2011 on 3000 ton.

The specialists of the mill explain that a high result is a consequence of stable operation of the furnaces №№1, 2, that depends, in turn, on its repair and service that were carried out in time. So, technological downtimes in May form only 3,91% of equipment operation nominal time.

A material motivation as for decreasing of rejected materials, electricity savings, source of raw materials and production of additional volumes influenced on getting this result. By the way, the achievements of some workers of the mill are known outside of Byelorussian Steel Works and are awarded by governmental award of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Industry, Gomel Executive Committee and Regional Deputy Council.

It is important to mention that it is foreseen to start with a big reconstruction of steel-melting in October of 2012 at BMZ implementing intensification of steel melting process and with modernization of furnace hydraulic system and changing of frameworks and brackets. These measures will permit to increase its capacity to 1 million of t/year, decrease specific consumption of electricity and electrodes, diminish melting time, improve quality and ergonomic factors of steel melting process. Listed items are one of the stages to reach by BMZ its strategic target: production of 3 000 000 of ton per year.