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24-05-2012 2895 Views


OJSC “Byelorussian Steel Works” began the construction of new bar and wire rod mill with capacity 700 000 tons of rolling production per year and following perspective increase of output till 1 000 000 tons. In accordance with a tradition, the construction of new project was begun with laying a capsule with a message to progeny. Ceremony took place at BMZ on May, 15.

New bar and wire rod mill is a key project in investment programme of BMZ for the following five years. Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus entered it into the list of the most important projects on construction of new enterprises having defining value for innovative development of the country.

The construction of a new mill for production of wire rod and bars with special treatment will allow the plant to balance the production of steel with further processing and to increase the output of hardware production in steel-wire shops of BMZ and OJSC “RMZ”. As it is known, in 2013-2015 BMZ is planning to achieve 3 million tons per year of cast volume because of modernization and reconstruction of steel melting production. In existing structure of plant rolling capacity, the excess of continuous casting billets and blooms will increase and in 2015 it will be 700 thousand tons per year. This volume will be processed in new mill.

After new mill start up, the production capacity of already producing wire rod Ø5.5 – 22 mm in coils will be increased; new kinds of import substitution production will be developed: bars in coils Ø20 – 50 mm, rebars in coils Ø6 – 14 mm and bars Ø20 – 85 mm. It is supposed that 75% of production will be exported. Its realization in inner markets will completely substitute wire rod import and satisfy the demands of domestic enterprises in bars for more than 90%.

In connection with new mill, it is possible to say that on the territory of post Soviet area there are no analogue productions from the point of view of output goods, equipment and technology. The supplier of technology and main equipment is a world leader in this field – “Danieli” company (Italy). Among suggested by Italian company decisions it is necessary to mention heating furnaces and units, designed with consideration of power inputs minimization. It is supposed that heating furnace will be equipped with boiler-utilizer, which allow to use the heat of combustion gases for heating of the building.

Main works will be done by General Designer (UE “Belpromproekt”, Minsk) and General Contractor (OJSC “GomelPromStroy”, Gomel). The cooperation with designers and construction personnel was begun during the project on pipe rolling mill building.

At this moment preliminary geological engineering survey is done and the work on preparation of site area has begun. In 3-d quarter of the current year, pipelines and networks will be carried out from the area of construction.

It is planned to realize project for 34 months from the date of official effective date of the Contract (January 30, 2012); it means that new production startup will be in December, 2014.