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18-05-2012 2668 Views

EC is not againts the supply of byelorussian pipes.

The European comission has taken a decision to stop the antidumping investigation as for the byelorussian pipes the 7-th of May. The present decision was published the 8-th of May in the official EC Journal.

The investigation had begun in June the 2012 as a result of import to EU of byelorussian seamless pipes made of ferrous materials as was mentioned in the document. The cessation of investigation is stipulated by the recall of claim on January the 2012 from the Committee on defence of seamless pipes of EC producers, as were also mentined there.

We would like to remind that the Defence committee of EU seamless pipes producers made a claim against the byelorussian producers in 2011. According to the opinion of complainants that represent the company intrests that produce more than 50% of the total volume of this type of products in EU (companies Vallourec, Tenaris etc.) the byelorussian party could use some methods of unfair competition. The European commission registered the appeal and started with the antidumping investigation as for the byelorussian pipes import made of the carbon steel of the diameter till 406, 4 mm produced by the Byelorussian Steel Works (BMZ).

As was informed by IA REHNUM the representatives of the Byelorussian Steel Works and the Byelorussian officials strongly objected the usage of dumping when sypplying byelorussian pipes to EU. In accordance with the opinion of the byelorussian independent experts, the european producers did no meet the competition with BMZ and started with the methods of the administrative pressure on the the byelorussian products suppliers, appealing to eurobureaucracy.