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09-04-2012 2798 Views

Record-breaking amount of steel produced at BSW

Record breaking amount of steel was produced at BSW. The highest steel production figure was reached in the history of OJSC 'BSW’. The results of March show that the melt shops of the enterprise

reached 233 thou. 888 tons. It exceeds the record figures of October 2011 by more than 4 thousand tons.

Thanks to steel-makers’ results, the plant managed to provide not only full workload for the rolling mill, the pipe rolling mill, the steel cord and wire shops, to provide basic material for OJSC ''Retchitski Hardware Plant’, but also to ship some of concast billets for export. Thus, 37 thou. tons of billets to the amount of $ 21 mln was supplied to external markets - Syria, Tunisia, Italy and Egypt. In addition, 8 thou. tons of 300х400 blooms was shipped for Roumania, Poland and Germany.

It should be noted that one of the key targets of OJSC 'BSW’, according to the enterprise’s economic plan for 2011-2015, is to reach the production of 3 mln tons of steel per year. To do this, BSW have to implement a number of important projects. The construction of a new lime kiln has been started. In future it will meet a growing demand for burnt lime. The revamping of steel melting furnace № 1 will be done in the current year with introduction of steel melting intensification. This will make it possible to increase the furnace capacity up to 1 mln tpy. Along with growing production volume, OJSC 'BSW’ invest funds in ecologically-oriented projects. In particular, the current reconstruction of dust-and-fume collecting plants № 1 and № 3 will substantially improve environmental situation around the enterprise.