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18-08-2011 2670 Views

From the first source

It’s a pity, but we must again return to the topic of financial and economic situation at our enterprise. Some informational sources publish incorrect information about the situation at our plant. Because of it RUE “BMZ” is discredited in the eyes of partners and clients all over the world and such situation influences the enterprise image

After the sitting of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus in August 2011 appeared the information that RUE “BMZ” is one of the leaders on unprofitability for 5 months results. This information is not based on the enterprise work results and needs additional explanation.

The amount of negative profit in May 2011 was a result of the national currency devaluation on 24 May, out of appropriation of negative currency differences which were reflected in accounting report for the period from January to May. This situation is not connected with the economical situation at the enterprise; it appeared because of the absence of the methodic of currency differences write-off in the Republic of Belarus.

Net profit for the first half-year amounted 61,9 milliard rubles.

Today RUE “BMZ” successfully fulfils its tasks.

Received results for the period from January to July of this year show great potential and safety factor of the enterprise. Production capacity is used for 100%. The production is in demand. There is a low level of ready production stock: stock coefficient is equal to 19,3, it means 5 working days of the enterprise.

For the period from January to July, proceeds from commodity output realization were 4 399,8 milliard rubles (the increase was 176,6% in comparison with the same period of the last year), the profit from goods and services realization -564,1 milliard rubles ( the increase was 903,6%). Volume of exports reached 875,0 million USA dollars, the increase was 137,6% in comparison with the same period of the last year. Labour productivity in comparable prices -109,2%, specific weight of shipped innovation production in full scope of shipped production was 22,2%, the level decrease of production materials consumption –“minus” 7,6%, energy saving values – “minus” 6,5%. Sales profitability according to the operational data was 12,8%, it is higher of the set target.

The amount of products increase of industrial production in comparable prices for seven months of 2011 in comparison with the same period of 2010 was 109,7%.

As we mentioned before, the enterprise stuff doesn’t stop at achieved results and is capable to solve and solves problems for stability increase, production economical efficiency and increase of working people well-being.

Best regards,
General Manager Savenok A.N.