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19-05-2011 4388 Views

«The Best 2010 Supplier» of Eaton Hydraulics Corporation

An International Conference of Suppliers and award ceremony “The Beast 2010 Supplier” were arranged at Eaton European Headquarters in Morgen, Switzerland on April, 13. Byelorussian Steel Works and Belmet, Austria and BKS, USA were awarded as

“The Best 2010 Supplier” among more than 1000 suppliers in Hydraulics Sector. BMZ was recognized by Eaton as trustful and strategic partner due to high quality of its product, supply logistics and operative response to customer inquires.

Mr. I. Chernyavskiy, Deputy General Director for Steel Cord and Wire Production, A.E. Nikiforov, Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance, Mr. G. Chernyakov, Director of joint venture Belmet, Austria and Mr. S. Karpushkin, Manager for Business Development of joint venture BKS, USA.

graf Today Eaton is among three leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment in the world. It was established by Joseph Eaton in 1911 and was changed from transportation company into transnational corporation which covers markets of 150 countries with about 70 thousand employees worldwide. Sales volume in 2010 was 13,7 billion USD. At present time Eaton Corporation has a stable position in hydraulics, aerospace and electro-technical markets. As to industrial sector of the company, Eaton is a leader in development, manufacturing and sales of reliable hydraulic systems and components for mobile and industrial application. Hydraulic solutions of Eaton are applied in agriculture and forestry, construction, mining, power industry, oil and gas industry, etc. Hydraulic products of Eaton are produced with trade marks of Eaton, Aeroquip, Char-Lynn, Hydro-Line, Hydrokraft, Hydrowa, Integrated Hydraulics, Synflex I Ultronics, Vickers, Walterscheid.

It should be mentioned that business relationships between RUE “BMZ” and Eaton successfully continue for more than 10 years. Starting from the first delivery of hose wire to USA in 1999 the supply volumes for Eaton have been increasing significantly.

The contract for supply of 11 635 tons of hose wire in 2011 was signed with Eaton, that is 30% of total volume of produced wire.

The geography of hose wire deliveries is significantly expanding due to new markets of Swiss company. RUE “BMZ” started deliveries to the plants of Eaton in USA and Germany in 1999 and in 2004 and 2007 to the plants in Singapore and Brazil.

It should be admitted that RUE “BMZ” has a high sales level for all types of product. According to the results in 2010 sales proceeds was more than 1,4 billion USD with increase 130% as compared with 2009. In 1 quarter of 2011 the amount of steel products sold by RUE “BMZ” was more than 450 million USD and that is 142,8% as compared with the same period of the last year. About 80% of sold products were for export. Export sales proceeds for aforementioned period were 364,5 million USD and that is 142,7% as compared with the same period of 2010. The customers in more than 20 countries were found during the last years. More than 50% of export products are sold using companies of own dealer network. The steel products of RUE “BMZ” are supplied to more than 70 countries worldwide and its trade mark is well known in the steel products market.

Mr. A.Savenok, General Director of RUE “BMZ” has received a letter from Craig Reed, Senior Vice President – Supply Chain Management of Eaton Corporation:

Dear Mr. Savenok,
We know that you deeply share our belief in the importance of business relationships between our companies that successfully continue for more than 10 years. We have had up and downs on that long journey but BMZ proved to be a very reliable and extremely business oriented Partner. As you well aware for the past 5 years our business significantly increased both volume and quality wise.

BMZ and its affiliated companies (Belmet and Bel-Kap-Steel) put a lot of efforts to make it happened and thanks to that today you are a one of the most advanced and trustful partner of EATON in Hydraulics Sector.

We are happy to inform you that BMZ is awarded with the title of “THE BEST 2010 SUPPLIER” in Hydraulics Sector among more than 1,000 alternative Suppliers.

The official nomination will take place during our Annual Supplier Conference on April 13th, 2011 at Eaton European Headquarters in Morges, Switzerland.

We sincerely hope that you appreciate our decision and will be able to personally take place in the nomination.

Sincerely yours,
Craig Reed
Senior Vice President – Supply Chain Management
Eaton Corporation


A. N. Savenok, General Director of RUE “BMZ”