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25-01-2011 2435 Views


The certification audit for cold-deformed reinforcing wire compliance with the requirements of EN 10080 and technical specifications for cold-deformed reinforcing wire in coils was successfully carried out at RUE BMZ.

Visit to BMZ of representatives of Centre for certification of construction materials, Lithuania was connected with new requirement in force starting from November of 2010.

Henceforth, all products delivered to Lithuania are subject to certification by Lithuanian certification bodies. Therefore, the inspectors visited Wire Plant – 3, Central Laboratory, Technical Department, Chief Metrologist Department, Technical Control Department and Quality Management Department. They have inspected Quality Management System of BMZ, handling of claims and metrological support as well as became familiar with the technological process at the plant. It should be mentioned that the representatives of Centre for certification of construction materials have not found any non-compliances and in general where satisfied with functioning of our plant.

Based on information provided by Quality Management Department it is an active preparation activity for re-certification audit related to seamless pipes and fiber production audit which will be carried out by TUV-NORD on the week starting from 17 January.