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05-08-2010 2487 Views

Hose wire with advantages

According to information obtained from L.F.Ozerova, Deputy Head of Steel cord and Wire Plant – 1 for Technology and Quality a new technological process was developed for manufacturing of flat section wire for hoses. New product has some advantages over round section hose wire.

Taking into account demand and possibilities at hoses market the producers aim to decrease cost of manufacture and increase output, but at the same time to keep high strength characteristics. Therefore, brass plated hose wire of different sections is one of the most promising product at the moment. Its advantages are evident. As to plastic properties flat hose wire surpasses normal round section hose wire, i.e. elongation at rapture min. 1.3 times higher and it increases breaking strength of reinforcing material and enables to save material due to decrease in wall thickness of hoses and decrease in wire strength class.

The specialists of Steel cord and Wire Plant -1 in cooperation with the technicians of Steel cord and Wire Research Centre have developed technological process for flat section wire 0,3x0,6, 0,3x0,46 and 0,2x0,34 mm.

As mentioned L.F.Ozerova there were some difficulties during development of technological process for flat hose wire. It was rather difficult to get uniform properties along the full length. It was necessary to make revamping of fine drawing machine to reach required characteristics and comply with the requirements of specification.

The first pilot batches have been shipped to the customers for processing and testing.