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10-06-2010 2355 Views


Hose wire for high pressure hoses produced at RUE "Byelorussian Steel Works" starts working up perspective Asian market. This has been reported by general manager deputy for steel cord and wire products Igor Chernyavski. The first production batch has been dispatched for Chinese consumers. Deliveries to India and Thailand have begun.

According to I. Chernyavski, this is a very important event for BMZ:
– We have been trying to enter the market of Asia for a long time, but it was not easy to compete with cheaper products of Chinese and Korean manufactures. The decisive factor was high quality of hose wire produced at BMZ.

Consumers’ requirements increased and we managed to withstand competition. Now the target is to strengthen and extend our presence in Asia.

In the month of May the record was established in shipments for a consumer – 4289 tons/ month. It is the evidence of increasing demand worldwide for hose wire produced in Zhlobin.

There is a considerable growth of orders for other steel cord and wire products - the results of the first six months in 2010 will be 170% over the level of 2009. Besides, the market needs for some items exceed production capacity of the enterprise: sometimes we have to turn down our potential customers.