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03-05-2010 2390 Views

Audits at BMZ

An inspection audit was carried out within the time frame from 05.05.2010 to 07.05.2010 to confirm certificate of conformity for production of reinforcing rolled section as per the requirements of German standard DIN 488.

Within the time frame from 03.05.2010 to 07.05.2010 representatives of TUV International s.r.o. carried out surveillance audit for compliance of quality management system (QMS) to the requirements of international standard ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Within the time frame from 23.05.2010 to 27.05.2010 for the first time certification audit was carried out for production of reinforcing rolled section as per the requirements of Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 7480:1996. The samples of hot-rolled rebars were taken for tests in the independent laboratory of Brazil.

Within the time frame from 25.05.2010 to 26.05.2010 an audit was carried out to assess RUE 'BMZ’ as a supplier by the specialists of open joint stock company "Belshina" in accordance with the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2009 standard.

No non-conformity was detected during all audits.

Positive items regarding continuous improvement of QMS were marked:
- high level of organization and professionalism of all the personnel;
- clean working areas in all stages of technological production chain;
- high level of processing equipment;
- development of new types of products and processes;
- maintenance based on monitoring and diagnostic study;
- control of instruments;
- benchmarking makes it possible to see strengths and weaknesses of the plant in comparison with other manufacturers of analogous products.