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09-02-2010 2473 Views

Health @t work

Byelorussian steel works, on invitation of Byelorussian Red Cross Society, became one of the first participants of information preventive program “Health @t work” (within the bounds of Byelorussian Red Cross Society project “HIV prevention in the labour sphere”), started in Belarus.

This program was worked out by experts of “Global business coalition against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria”. Its aim is to increase conscience of existing danger and to decrease groundless fear, concerning everyday and working contacts with people suffering from AIDS.

Three representatives of RUE “BMZ” have trained and became trainers. Coordinator of this Program at the plant is Deputy Chief Physician of medical sanitary unit E. Chertko. At the nearest time, at the base of the training center, the trainers will teach the staff of the plant. This training will help the participants to get detailed information about the problem, to get rid of formed stereotypes, to appreciate personnel safety in a new way and to change own relationship to HIV-positive people.

Implementation of this Program will be continuously controlled by coordination board. In Belarus such program starts at BelAz and Byelorussian railway.