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02-02-2010 2600 Views

New production at BMZ

Byelorussian Steel Works became the first and the only manufacture of zinc-coated wire in the Republic of Belarus.

In the conditions of demands decrease for brass coated steel cord and wire for high pressure hoses, it was necessary to develop the manufacture of new kinds of wire production at the existing thermo galvanic units of the Byelorussian Steel Works.

Last year, on demand of the General Manager, steel wire shop №2 became to develop new kind of steel production – zinc coated wire. In July – August the first pilot lots of high carbon zinc coated wire for cord steel cores were sent to joint public corporation “Gomelkabel” and PA “Energokomplekt” (Vitebsk). After getting good results, BMZ proceeded to mass production output.

In September –October manufacture of zinc coated general-purpose wire (low carbon) was developed. It is widely used for manufacture of national consumption goods, as well as mesh. This production was appreciated by Novogrudski plant of metal goods, OOO “Babushkina” (Zhlobin) and other consumers.