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30-11-2009 2452 Views

Byelorussian Steel Works is going to allocate Br240 billis for investment projects in the current year.

RUE “Byelorussian Steel Works” is going to allocate Br240 billis for investment projects in the current year that is 10% more in comparison with the previous year. According to statement of specialists, regardless of certain problems concerned with world crisis, issue of strict fulfillment of all planned works on technical re-equipment and implementation of new technologies has not even been discussed. It goes without saying.

In July of the current year new division for production of steel fiber with a capacity of 600t per month was put into operation. Fiber is used for three-dimensional concrete reinforcement, which is used in building of monolithic concrete structures, defense structures, industrial floors, prefabricated units and structures of fiber-concrete. By the end of 2009 the largest in the last two years investment project on modernization of continuous casting machine №3 will be accomplished. Modernization will allow increasing productive output of continuous casting machine up to 1 mill.t/y and eliminate imbalance between steel melting and steel casting.

Moreover after modernization it will be possible to cast on the casting machine quality round billets with diameter 200mm required for production of hot-rolled seamless pipes. At the moment for production of round billets it is necessary to implement additional operation – rolling on reversible rolling mill 850 and that significantly increase production cost of the final product. There is also a possibility to produce at BMZ in the future concast billets with diameters 210, 280 and 350mm and sell it to pipe mills of CIS and foreign countries.

Crisis in engineering industry and decrease of demand for heavy-wall pipes encouraged specialist of the enterprise for development on new technology for production of pipes for oil and gas industry including thin-wall pipes. By the moment when world economics finally "recovers" BMZ will be able to produce wide range of products and that means will have possibility to chose orders with maximum profit for enterprise. Number of projects aiming to decrease consumption of fuel and energy sources was successfully implemented during the year.