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15-10-2009 2516 Views

Byelorussian Steel Works will be headed by Mr. Savenok

Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus, confirmed the appointment of Mr. Anatoly Savenok the general director of the PA “Byelorussian Steel Works” as BELTA was informed by the press service of the head of the state.

Previously Mr. Anatoly Savenok held the post of the deputy general director for steel cord and wire production.

As Mr. Savenok pointed out in his interview with journalists, we are observing “the tendency to improvement of the situation at the enterprise”. As for some parameters BMZ is approaching the level of the previous year, all types of products manufactures are sold out. As for reinforcing steel the plant plans to reach 106% of 2008 at the end of the year. Orders for pipe and hardware products have increased. At the same time these are the productions which were in a very complicated situation at the beginning of the year. "The main task is to maintain this tendency ", Mr. Anatoly Savenok said. He underlined that in his new capacity he is going to continue the innovative development of the enterprise and restore the volumes of production and sales.

Speaking about the new sheet rolling project of BMZ, Mr. Anatoly Savenok said that since October 1, 2009 a tender to choose investors is announced. Invitations for participation in the tender were sent out to different banks and production structures and equipment producing companies which should put forward their suggestions within a three-month period. The estimated price of the project is $1,2 billion.