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23-07-2009 2669 Views

Byelorussian Steel Works began to get money from waste material

Fiber shop was opened here. Production of this shop will be used as concrete filler.

Pieces of wire – precious export goods. As National Television informs, income of the first fiber shop in Republic, which produces concrete filler, may be more 300 000 dollars per month.

Sergey Kolos, steel wire shop № 3 manager says: “Steel wire fiber is made from wire products waste material, i.e. from our products, which don’t fit for production of steel cord, hose wire. We use it for fiber production. This wire was burnt before.”

American banks were the first, who began to use fiber for building of money storage half a century ago. Concrete filled with wire got extra strength and viscosity. It made extra difficulties for robbers.

Thousands of wires increase concrete strength and viscosity. For example, in Japan, where seismic activity is high, all buildings are built with the use of fiber. For the last 40 years, fiber-reinforced concrete became popular constructional material all over the world. It is a base of tunnels, bridge surfaces, aerodrome runways, house footings. A big Italian company, which builds four transport tunnels between Italy and Austria, made a Zhlobin fiber purchase order.

Anatoliy Savenok, acting as General Director of Byelorussian Steel Works, says: “Fiber will be export goods. We will deliver it to Western Europe countries. The most preferable region is Italy. At the same time we will work at introduction of fiber in Belarus. So we need a creation of fiber standard in Belarus. And we will put out fiber deliveries to Byelorussian constructors from Russia, the Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Specialists note that fiber usage not only strengthens buildings, but in comparison with classic reinforced concrete, increases the speed of construction because of reducing welding work. Steel fiber concrete for Belarus today is new. However, we hope for good results at the time of construction and new technologies development.