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BMZ received an estimation

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) assigned RUE "Byelorussian Steel Works" level «Recognition for excellence - 5 stars «on the basis of results of annual tournament "Excellence award". Quality Director of an enterprise Elena Peretyagina communicated this information to reporter BELTA.

"That award was a very high estimation of Byelorussian Steel Works by European experts of management system considering the fact that the enterprise participated in the tournament for the first time", - marked Elena Peretyagina.

During last two years BMZ has been taken part in so-called business tournament "Ascent to the highest excellence level in Europe", based on model of business excellence EFQM. The first stage of the tournament is - "Recognition f excellence in the country". In its country BMZ has a long list of awards in the field of quality. The enterprise was the winner of national competition for governmental premium of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality in the years 2001, 2004 and 2007. In the same years the enterprise received premiums of Ministry of Industry for the great achievements in the field of quality.

The second stage of the tournament is - "Recognition for excellence in Europe". In 2007 BMZ became the winner of established for the first time competition between CIS countries for achievements in product and services quality. In 2008 the enterprise became the winner of tournament between Central and East European countries.

Reports and conclusions received from experts at the end of those competitions gave the enterprise an opportunity to analyze and improve existing management systems. In particular, a decision about development of corporate management system at the enterprise was taken. "After such achievements we decided to move forward to the higher level and participate in more complicated European tournament - "Award for excellence", realized by European Foundation for Quality Management", - said Elena Peretyagina.

Great number of world-famous companies and well-known trade-marks such as: BOSCH, Siеmens, etc. take part in that competition. "We understood that it was not possible for us to win the tournament from the first attempt and it would require a lot of work" – noticed Quality Director. But it was very important for BMZ to take part in such impressive European tournament between best companies. It was a part of benchmarking strategy in order to receive results of independent assessment and determine areas for further development.

According to the results of integrated assessment of the enterprise carried out by the group of experts, EFQM jury decided that BMZ hasn’t reached yet finalist level but amount of scored points allowed to assign BMZ an award "Recognition for excellence - 5 stars".

Report composed by experts is a very important component of competition for EFQM Excellence award. The aim of the report is to provide results of analysis carried out by experts and point out strong areas and areas for further development.

"Assessment report will inspire you for future development. We hope our comments will be constructive and will serve as catalyst for continuous improvements and progress", was written in the report. It was also emphasized in the report that "participation in various competitions gives possibility to move one step forward on a way to victory". EFQM’s network is a great learning platform for benchmarking, study, sharing best practices and gives you opportunity to stay on the forefront of excellence together with the best enterprises of Europe.

"Certainly those recommendations on our activity improvement will be considered and implemented at our enterprise", - said Elena Peretyagina. Participation in the tournament increased potential of BMZ for further improvement of its activity. "Even though we haven’t become the winner, I suppose that we approached to them. – We gained invaluable experience and have an intention to continue our cooperation with European Foundation for Quality Management because it is very important for us”. It also has great significance in relations between Belarus and European Community. Joint work on a way to excellence is one of activity and partnership fields between Belarus and European Community, summarized Quality Director.

”BMZ exports 80% of its products, mainly to Europe and that is why is aiming at continuous increase of quality level. Only in that case the enterprise can be competitive”, noticed Elena Peretyagina.

The plant was established in 1984. Nowadays RUE "Byelorussian Steel Works" – is an export-oriented enterprise supplying products to more than 50 countries around the world. BMZ specializes in production of concast billets, section and reinforcement bars, hot-rolled seamless pipes, steel cord for tires reinforcement and wire for different applications.