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20-02-2009 2520 Views

Byelorussian Steel Works approved schedule of wire production facilities expansion.

Schedule of wire production facilities expansion for the current year was approved at Byelorussian Steel Works. According to scheduled actions during the year it is supposed to expand plant facilities intended for production of cold deformed rebars, metal ware for general mechanical rubber goods and steel fiber.

At the present time enterprise is accomplishing project on double increase of fiber production potentialities up to 3,6 thousand t/year. Four machines for production of anchor fiber from Italian manufacturers were delivered to the plant at the second half of January. Assembling and startup of mentioned machines will be done by the end of February. Earlier plant had 8 machines manufactures by its own specialists. It is planned to produce 120 t of fiber in February, it means 20% more than it was produced in January.

High-carbon wire is used at the plant as raw material for fiber production (pieces remaining during production of metal ware for general mechanical rubber goods). For wire with diameter exceeding 1 mm drawing new drawing mill manufactured by GCR Eurodraw (Italy) with production capacity of10 thousand t.p.y. will be delivered at the site in June. Commissioning and start up of the mill is planned in August.

Moreover in July-August assembling of 2 lines supplied by GCR Eurodraw (Italy) for production of cold-deformed rebars according to DIN488, diameter range 6-12mm, cumulative production capacity of 40 thousand t.p.y. will be started up in SWS №3. At the present moment production of mentioned product is carried out at one line supplied by DJR (Italy), productive capacity above 24 thousand t.p.y.).

For the purpose of bead wire, steel cord and hose-reinforcement wire production increase at the beginning of the second half of the year new 13-stand drawing mill manufactured by GCR Eurodraw (Italy) and descaling mill manufactured by Mario Frigerio (Italy) will be delivered to SWS №1. After start up of a new line production of wire for rubber goods with diameters 1,3-2 mm partially will be performed during one operation-routing sequence (at the present rime its production is performed in two technological stages). Full capacity of the mill is about 12 thousand t.p.y. New descaling mill will be used for wire rod preparation to drawing, which will be produce later on the new mill. Productive capacity of the mill will be 14 thousand t.p.y.

At the present time contracts for delivery of all abovementioned equipment has been concluded with the exception of new descaling mill, but signing of agreement for its delivery has been scheduled by the end of this month.In 2008 Byelorussian Steel Works produced 305,3 thousand tons of metal ware, that was by 7% higher than in the previous year. Including steel cord - 96,3 thousand tons (+11%), hose wire - 42,7 thousand tons (¬6%), bead wire - 38,4 thousand tons (+8%), other types of wire - 127,9 thousand tons (+9%).