16-12-2015 1626 Views

At BMZ a number of audits were carried out.

One of the aspects for an efficient contract campaign is the availability of conformance certificates for products issued by independent certification bodies and direct customer's approvals. This is a result of successful auditing. At Byelorussian Steel Works this activity is constantly carried out. So, in November 6 audits were conducted in two directions.

The inspection auditors of WIEN-ZERT (Austria), SBS (Sweden), Kontrollradet (Norway) and MPA BAU (Germany) were directed at BMZ to confirm the available certificates. These audits were scheduled in accordance with certification requirement rules. During the audits the experts inspected not only the technological process, but took part in products testing. The samples of cold deformed and hot rolled rebars were tested in Plant Laboratory and were also sent to testing in independent laboratories.

It should be noted, that all tests of Plant Laboratory were appreciated positively. Besides, during the audit of MPA BAU (Germany) the samples of new products  - plain and deformed rebar - were also tested. So, the certificate scope covered the products that were not certified and manufactured before.

The firms-customers carried out also 3 audits. The organization of rolling production process at Mill-85, Pipe Rolling Shop, Rolling Shop-2 was be the focus of their attention. The positive results of audits allow to receive new purchase orders.

In December 7 audits were also carried out, 4 of which were held by the consumers of the products. It agreed to carry out 3 more audits both by consumers and independent certification organizations by the end of the month.  The most ambitious of them will be an inspection audit of the quality management system ISO / TS 16949. It will be held by Czech company TUV Rheinland.. During a week the specialists will inspect the work of practically all departments of BMZ.