16-06-2014 2310 Views

New facility for steelmaking production has been launched at BMZ

On June 5, 2014 the dynamic reactive power compensation system was launched at Byelorussian Steeel Works (substation "Stal"). This facility is one of the stages of modernization of electrical equipment at the main step-down power substations.

The implemented dynamic reactive power compensation system with 185 MVAr was intended for two arc furnaces and a steel ladle. It will allow to stabilize the voltage during steelmaking which will reduce loading, smelting time, electricity consumption.


BMZ is expecting to get 23,7 million kilowatt-hour of savings due to launching the dynamic reactive power compensation system which is equivalent to 25 billion Br.

Undoubtedly, all the advantages mentioned above will contribute to production and economic indicators of BMZ. It is vital to note that from the beginning of 2014 several key modernization projects have been finished: reconstruction of the arc furnace 1, continuous billet casting machine -2, dust and gas catchers - 1 and the construction of a new lime kiln plant -3 (LKP-3).


At present active construction and installation work is carried out during the process of realization of such important projects as "Launching of the new light-section mill", Construction of air separation unit -3" and "Increase of additional production capacity of secondary metallurgy at steel melting shop-2".