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The staff of Rolling Plant-2 produced the millionth t of steel products

The staff of Rolling Plant-2 (team -2) reached an important production result - one million of steel products since the first output. The wire rod became an anniversary consignment that will be delivered to Close Joint-stock Company “Litnaglis”(Lithuania). It is notable that this event was held on July 16, 2017 – the professional Metallurgists’ Day.


The output of the millionth t of steel products at the Rolling Plant-2 is an important event for Byelorussain Steel Works. This result was reachedthanks to a  well co-ordinated work of all departments providing  the effective production and sales.The production process and quality system of Rolling Plant-2 were certified  by 20 companies and received a good rating. This fact allowed to sell the steel products to different countries (at premium segments of the market – automobile industry, bearing production and  precision machinery industry). The steel products of Rolling Mill-2 were sold out for two - three  months in advance.The finished products were directly delivered to customers omitting the stores.

It should be noted that the sales results of Rolling Mill-2 products totaled 256,3 thou. t to the amount of 112,4 million $ USD. 215,2 thou t (84%) were exported to the amount of  88,5 million $ USD. Due to the increase in revenue and the rejection of sales of cast billets (for a similar volume) the economic effect amounted to 19.7 million $ USD for January-June.Since February 2017, the production of the Rolling Mill-2 has a positive marginal revenue.The sales profitability from  the margin profit was 6.1% for the first half of year.