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02-11-2010 2323 Views

Venezuela - BMZ

Mutually beneficial cooperation between our republic and far Venezuela is accelerating. It is clearly seen due to development of partnership relations of the flagship of Byelorussian steel making with the producers of the friendly country . The deputy head of the technical board for steel making Sergei Terletsky informs at the end of September the first shipment of hot-briquetted iron arrived at Byelorussian Steel Works. According to the agreement, its amount equals to 5000 tons.

Last week 3 representatives of TB steel making production together with production engineers of the steel melting shops of EAf-1 and EAF-3 carried out trial melting of steel with addition of HBI. According to the senior foreman of EAF-1, 2 Yuri Proskurin and the head of steel melting department of the TB Viacheslav Shatilo the first trials at EMS-1 started with ordinary steel grades which are used for reinforcing section production in rolling mill 320.
— If everything comes out successfully - shares the fine points a representative of the TB responsible for this work, we will move to quality steel grades and later on to tire cord grades...
— Right now everything goes on smoothly, — joins in the senior foreman. We started with adding 15 tons of HBI per one heat gradually increasing the amount to 35 tons by the end of the week.
Leading production engineer of the TB steel making production Oleg Grudnitsky and Evgeny Chetverukhin, 1st-category production engineer, consult steel makers at the shop.